Creating an engaged workforce can be the single most dynamic influence on company health, performance, and profitability.

Optimizing a workforce isn’t a simple matter of staffing, scheduling, and crossing tasks off a list. Real business strategy comes from understanding that when you hire the right talent for your company, align those individuals with responsibilities that complement their skills, and encourage their productivity with clear workflow processes and a positive environment – you get better results at a lower cost to the company.

the impact of employee engagement from Gallup

Whether your greatest challenge is growing top line revenues, controlling labor expense, or reducing compliance and legal risk, EmpowerWFM not only delivers, but also improves the employee and customer experience as a result.

Graphic showing challenges solved with EmpowerWFM

Transform Workforce Management into Workforce Optimization

Our philosophy goes beyond the old adage of “right people, right place, right time.” The Empower difference is configuration, as our EmpowerWFM suite can adapt to any business environment no matter how complex your workforce is. Our applications combine the industry’s most effective forecasting and scheduling tools with innovative mobile collaboration and communication apps – helping you to deliver an employment experience that inspires the highest levels of engagement for all associates from the top down.

Nothing can have a bigger impact on your brand, performance, and profitability than a workforce that champions the spirit of the company they work for. We like to think of it as “success, at the intersection of operations and human resources.”

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