Comprehensive training on your chosen solution can make the difference between achieving good results or truly transformative results.

Empower devotes significant resources to making sure that each client feels confident using our software, and we offer a variety of flexible, no-cost training options to help you acclimate to their functionality. In fact, if you talk to an existing Empower client, the chances are that they will mention training and support as key aspects of the Empower Advantage.


As part of our commitment to you, we conveniently offer the following formats:

myTraining Virtual

Web-based instruction provides an effective way to quickly organize and perform training sessions for small groups of users. You simply connect with an Empower consultant using remote access software and participate from your own computer. Similar to on-site consultation, these online sessions are customized to cover only the topics and procedures relevant to you, but with the added convenience of being able to learn from any location.

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myTraining Live

Whether you need to train new users or offer experienced associates information on advanced features, on-site education is a valuable option for many organizations. Empower consultants will help you develop a customized course outline, gather training materials, and perform a personalized session at your facility using your systems. This hands-on method makes it easy for you to involve as many employees as necessary at no extra charge.


To schedule an on-site training, please contact our training team.




* Note: Support requests require the expertise of our customer support representatives. If you are experiencing specific issues with your hardware or software, please contact our Client Support Team.