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Designed for  the most complex, enterprise-wide labor management environments.

EmpowerWFM delivers true workforce optimization in real-time via a suite of flexible integrated solutions, including budgeting, forecasting scheduling, and powerful analytics.

Create the most consistent retail experience possible, while controlling labor expense, improving customer service, and maintaining legal compliance. With EmpowerWFM, you leverage the most powerful and innovative workforce management technology to improve productivity and profitability.

  • Budgeting

    Budgeting gives you the power to coordinate a workforce labor plan within the constraints of an established budget.

  • Forecasting

    Forecasting uses proven mathematical models and tools to accurately construct sales and labor plans.

  • Scheduling

    Scheduling generates wall-to-wall schedules in minutes for even the largest organizations.

  • Dashboards

    Single application dashboard provides management team insights for informed, real-time decisions.

  • Mobile Solutions

    Mobile solutions enable your employees with complete access to schedules and more, via IOS or Android devices.



Realize maximum workforce efficiency with budget parameters for creation of detailed sales, transaction, traffic and customer demand forecasts.

Utilize a single application for the entire budget to forecast process, maintaining consistency with fiscal and period budgeting calculations, while providing an accurate report of Key Performance Indicators.

  • Configurable budgeting calculator generates accurate sales, business and labor plans for each location
  • Compare fiscal budgets to labor plans by day, week, pay period or calendar month
  • Compare actual KPI with budgeted, by store, district or area of business
  • Easily integrate sales, labor hours and cost data from other applications
  • View and edit planning standards for day-level budget processing or long-term plans
  • Generate multiple budgeting runs and produce “what if” scenarios
  • Supports both calculated average wage rates and projected wage rates
  • Adjustable for inflation, seasonality, special events and promotions
  • Apply constraints on Key Performance data
  • Make manual adjustments to the sales and labor budget by top-down or bottom-up


Accurately project business volumes within your departments, so your associates are there when your customers are.

Use historical business data to forecast future demand by time of day or day of the week; even incorporating adjustments for inflation, seasonality, holidays, promotions and sales.

  • Historical data for configurable business drivers is maintained down to the quarter hour
  • Manually adjust the forecast at any level
  • Import budget and use in conjunction with system forecast to calculate labor requirements
  • Define an unlimited number of detailed productivity standards and calculation parameters for each task and job
  • Accurately calculate past events’ impact on future forecasts
  • Comprehensive reporting of budgets, forecasts and actuals

Automatic Scheduling

Right associates + Right place + Right time + Right tasks = Maximum customer service.

Simplify management of your workforce resulting in improved customer service, more controllable labor expense, engaged associates, and satisfied customers.

Our revolutionary optimization algorithm produces accurate wall-to-wall schedules in just minutes, minimizing over or under scheduling and providing efficient coverage by scheduling the hardest to fill areas first.

  • Our exclusive Gradient Technology, enables you to adjust the balance of your full time/part time labor in order to achieve desired coverage and service levels at the lowest possible expense
  • Configure and rank importance of work preferences like availability, seniority, skills, most hours, earliest and longest shifts
  • Associates can be scheduled across jobs, departments or stores
  • Produce schedules with hours and costs that balance accurate 15- minute labor demand against a budget
  • Adhere to union policies, federal and state laws and hour constraints for shifts, meals, minors and breaks as well as vacation, holiday and benefit hours.
  • Schedules to budgeted hours and/or cost capability
  • Incorporates and spreads project/task related labor

Manual Scheduling

Dramatically reduce the time consuming process of inputting and maintaining schedules for associates while ensuring compliance and reducing fines.

  • Quick access to all associate schedule data
  • Validate schedules against availability, job assignment, legal constraints and work rules
  • Print wall schedules and daily shift lists
  • Export to a time collection device for early and late punch restrictions
  • Handle fixed or rotating schedules and shift based associates
  • Manual edit checking notifies the user of business rule violations and unfilled gaps in labor demand
  • Easily calculate and report scheduled cost.


The next generation of labor tracking

Responsible for accurately calculating time for 20 million paychecks annually, thousands of organizations rely on EmpowerTime™ to control their labor expenses and free up management to work on more strategic activities.

  • Employee Self-Service – Empower and engage your employees with a user-friendly, mobile self-service module. Give your Employees real-time access and true self-service ability to make authorized changes anytime, from a Web browser or Smartphone.
  • The Most Accurate Tracking –  Use your labor rules and policies to automatically calculate hours to be paid.  Smart punch classification (“swipe-n-go”) intuitively classifies time punches and eliminates entry error for more accurate data.
  • Exception Management – Save hours with this definable interface that identifies exceptions requiring action, and provides a sort list of each assigned employee, their up-to-date hours, exception information, and other valuable data such as overtime expenses.
  • Easy Data Access – Access time card editing screens with unprecedented flexibility for the review and editing of employee work transaction data. Authorized users choose from a list of user-defined views, configured from an extensive list of options and settings.
  • Master Complex Transactions – Even the most complex pay policies and union and work rule configurations are simplified using EmpowerTime, including meal/break, overtime, shift premiums, holidays, “outside of schedule” incidences, and paid time off.
  • Robust Calculation Engine – Calculate paid, unpaid and special code hours, wages and exceptions for both punched and scheduled time. The highly flexible calculation engine uses an entirely new concept of rule-based time and attendance. Unlimited pay rule types may be combined to provide a comprehensive set of time and attendance rules that fits many different situations across the entire enterprise.


Ensure in-store tasks are completed on-time, consistently and correctly.

Designed specifically for retail environments, EmpowerTask prevents stores from becoming overwhelmed with corporate directives, allowing store associates to focus on assisting customers, increasing conversion rates and sales.  Rather than relying on email, phone calls and texts, EmpowerTask provides an intelligent, simple inbox where all tasks and processes are clearly presented, ordered by priority and filtered by relevance to each location.  Additionally, configurable surveys provide the proper feedback on each project so that further process improvements can be made.


Integrated Labor Demand

When a high number of corporate tasks can interfere with a good schedule, sales and service suffer.  EmpowerTask and EmpowerWFM work together to allocate task labor to make sure that all critical tasks are completed consistently and on-time while safeguarding customer service during forecasted downtime throughout the workday.


EmpowerTask supports the following in-store functions:

  • Communications
  • Memos
  • Bulletins
  • Resets
  • Planograms
  • New Launches
  • Product Recalls
  • Store Audits
  • Surveys
  • Training
  • Reviews
  • Alerts

Delivery Options

Software as a Service/SaaS (we host – you operate) –  Empower hosts and maintains the application. You handle some or all production aspects of the operation, as agreed by the parties. Under this model, we provide the IT infrastructure needed to maintain your applications.  This alleviates the licensing, support, hardware and other costs that accompany traditional software maintenance.

On-Premise (you host – you operate) – A licensed model in which you purchase your choice of software products for perpetuity. The software products are installed in your environment and you control and operate the solutions internally.


True Workforce Optimization

EmpowerTask and EmpowerWFM provide your organization with the tools needed to truly optimize your workforce. Control labor costs, improve customer service, improve conversion rates and proactively manage your team for measurable top and bottom line impact.

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