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Watch our EmpowerOne Overview

Happy employees are essential to success. Study after study proves it yet few companies are taking the necessary steps to increase employee engagement, especially in hourly workforce environments.

EmpowerOne puts the power of communication, collaboration, and celebration in the hands of every employee. Designed from the employee’s point of view, but with all the configurability and security that enterprises require, EmpowerOne enables every employee to communicate electronically; one to one, team to team, up and down within the organization.

EmpowerOne delivers:

  • Team Collaboration

    Being connected to the right people at the right time when you’re “on the clock.”

  • Messaging & Kudos

    Reaching the workforce with the information they need, receiving actionable feedback, and peers praising each other for a job well done.

  • To-Dos & Tips

    Planned and ad hoc task management as well as employee generated training content.

  • Scheduling & Changes

    Self-service work schedule visibility and changes.

From checking the work schedule to swapping shifts and even sharing critical information across and between locations, EmpowerOne connects your workforce and organization like never before. And because EmpowerOne is native to EmpowerWFM, the powerful workforce management solution, the user experience for your scheduled employees is seamless, consistent, and completely intuitive.

Informed, well-trained, and appreciated employees are engaged employees. And engaged employees stay longer, work smarter, and help drive your growth. And that’s the bottom line.

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