A Cutting-Edge Approach

Empower harnesses an industry-standard, innovative and cutting-edge technology, coupled with unique design and programming techniques, to offer a robust, efficient, effective and flexible suite of integrated browser-based HR software services and solutions. Paired together according to your needs, our products create the complete package of human resources software and services which enable you to effectively recruit, retain, manage, schedule, and pay employees.

  • Human Resources
  • Benefits Management
  • Payroll Processing
  • Talent Management
  • Task Management
  • Tax & Compliance
  • Time & Attendance
  • Workforce Management

Designed by Professionals, for Professionals

The Empower suite was designed and written by experienced professionals who have strong background in human resources, payroll, tax, and workforce applications solutions. The organization of the applications and the overall design of the user interface reflect our understanding of today’s needs of large organizations, providing a delicate balance between functional requirements that work best for individuals, relational database, and processes requirements for improving storage and speed time that work best for computer applications.

  • Revolutionary Design – Empower intertwines with other Web 2.0 interactive services, delivered through the Web, which allow administrators, managers, and employees to take greater ownership of their own experiences within the organization.
  • Complete Functionality – Empower’s suite contains all the components required to support your organizations, and provides the tools and means to configure the solution to meet and exceed your needs, including intuitive graphical user interface, elaborate business rules, sophisticated algorithms, relational database, bi-directional interfaces, compliance controls, manager and employee self-service, integrated proprietary ad-hoc report writer, and much more.
  • An Enterprise-Class Approach to Application-Level Security – Empower’s multi-level circumference-approach to security starts by physically securing the datacenters, continues with the protecting the underlying infrastructure behind firewalls, on to role and rule-based security of the entire applications, and extends to the encryption of entire data transport from the browser all the way to the database.
  • Maximum Scalability – Our products are designed with scaling in mind to ensure the ability for expansion and growth without degradation as the demand for services increases. Scalability is delivered though a multi-tier architecture that consists of four tiers, each responsible for a separate function: Presentation, Web Services, Business Logic and Data Services.
  • Integration – Our unique approach to integration sets us apart from the crowd. While all our applications are fully integrated, we offer them as a comprehensive suite or separately. We offered them on-premise (you host, you operate), hosted/SaaS (we host, you operate) or completely outsourced (we host, we operate) where we handle the day to day processing and assume full responsibility for all aspects of the processing. With our flexible delivery model, we will craft for you a solution that fits your organization’s view and operating needs.

Flexible Framework

Empower’s suite of solutions was developed from the ground up using Microsoft .Net framework. This technology provides the ability to quickly build, deploy, manage and use security-enhanced Web services. The Microsoft stack includes everything needed to develop and deploy a Web service connected IT architecture: servers to host Web services, development tools to create them, and applications to use them.

The Web Services we designed are the building blocks of the Service Oriented Architecture supporting our suite. Empower’s solutions with related systems, external sources, business partners, vendors, employees and managers, are created through carefully designed and secured connections. This architecture promotes enhanced productivity, flexibility and competitiveness.