What are your core competencies and target market?

We provide a full suite of human capital and workforce management solutions, and we serve organizations ranging in size from a few hundred employees to a few hundred thousand.

How large is your company?

As a privately owned company, we do not report revenues publicly, but we are a mid-sized, fast growing and profitable company.   We can share financials for interested prospects under NDA.

Are you publicly traded or private?

Empower, A Kronos Company is a division of Kronos Incorporated.  For more information about Kronos Incorporated, please visit http://www.kronos.com.

What is your ratio of client service reps to customers?

We are passionate about service, and therefore the ratio does not remain constant. Our completely US-based support team is measured against call response metrics and time-to-resolution case metrics to allow drive us to the appropriate ratio to maintain the service levels our customers desire. In addition, we maintain a dedicated relationship with each account.

Do you have a SaaS or cloud solution available?

We have a variety of delivery models to meet our clients’ individual needs, including SaaS/cloud solutions.

What are the differences between EmpowerTime and EmpowerWFM?

EmpowerTime and EmpowerWFM are built on the same powerful platform. EmpowerWFM features additional modules, such as budgeting, forecasting and scheduling, that are designed for more complex work environments.

Do you integrate well with other vendors?

Absolutely. Our solutions are commonly integrated with ERPs and a variety of other business solutions.

What is your preferred or average client size?

Our clients range in size from the local YMCA to some of the world’s largest companies. Generally speaking, if your organization has 150 employees or more, we have a solution for you.

You call your HR/Payroll solution HCM – how does Empower define HCM?

HCM or Human Capital Management is all the activities, processes, and systems necessary to get the most from your workforce.

What can you do to help my business?

We help you get the most from your workforce by streamlining and automating the processes of hiring, managing, and paying employees.  Our solutions help you maintain compliance associated with labor, payroll, and tax filing, and we enable your workforce with employee self-service and mobile access to HR and employment information.

How much do you cost?

Pricing is based on which solutions and delivery model you choose, and all of our solutions are priced to deliver exceptional value.

How long have you been in business?

Our company was formed in 2007 by combining four successful, established software companies, some with more than two decades of success.

How many clients do you have today?

We have over 1,000 clients in a wide variety of industries, including some of the world’s largest corporations.

Do you have a fully integrated solution?

Yes, the modules of our applications are fully integrated and easy to manage. In addition, integrating to external systems is easy to accomplish by use of our web services, or if needed, exporting information to flat file format.

What is the typical implementation timeframe for a new application?

Implementation of our HCM solutions can be as fast as 10 weeks while a more complex EmpowerWFM implementation can take considerably longer.  Learn about our proven implementation methodology here.

What differentiates you from other providers?

We are as passionate about our client’s success as we are about our own. From product design to support, our passion is evident in everything we do.

How do you offer training?

We offer unlimited access to training.  Learn more on our training page here.

Is your EmpowerTax solution perpetual?

Yes, we can have multiple tax years stored within the system.

How often do you provide product releases?

We provide quarterly releases for our solutions. Each of these quarterly releases will likely contain a combination of functional enhancements, as well as changes driven by legislation changes and new requirements.