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  • We've been using EmpowerTax for the last 5 years.  The service is superior and the partnership is incredible.   My whole team loves working with Empower.
    Divisional Vice President | Fortune 500 Company
  • The EmpowerTax system has saved my company countless hours over the last 21 years, in the preparation of tax payments and returns. My company is extremely satisfied with this product and all of the innovations that have occurred.
    John Sullivan
    VP Payroll Services & Employment Tax | Adecco Staffing
  • Can't complain at all about same day responses - usually resolutions within the hour! That makes Empower stand apart from the competition.
    Terry Nixon
    Progress Rail Services Corporation
  • We had 4 payrolls and 1100 employees and it wasn't working.  We were cutting 70-80 on demand checks.  Empower has brought that number to 3 or 4 and that type of productivity has really made the employee experience so much better.
    Mick McKeown
    Manager of Time Control | Philadelphia Parking Authority
  • Improving our real-time execution in our stores is a key initiative for 2014. Empower has been a valuable Modell’s partner and with this upgrade to EmpowerTask, we will work together to enhance the store experience for both our associates and customers.
    David Strobelt
    SVP/CIO | Modell's Sporting Goods
  • I would say that of all companies that I have dealt with, Empower Client Support offers some of the best customer service I have ever encountered.  We continue to pay for a service contract because the service is thorough and extremely helpful.
    International Relief Organization
  • Every time I've contacted support it has be resolved quickly and professionally. I would highly recommend Empower to anyone.
    Leading Food Service Manufacturer
  • There's something different about the Empower culture.  And it's a competitive advantage, in my opinion.  
    Randy Rudecki
    Systems Administrator | Molded Fiberglass Companies
  • I think one of the most important things is that when you have a product, you need to have the people not only to help support it but to train others and to help implement it and that's one of the great things that Empower does.
    Mick McKeown
    Manager of Time Control | Philadelphia Parking Authority
  • I am a huge fan of Empower Time and Attendance and plan to utilize more of your products in the near future!
    Local Family Center Affiliate
  • Implementation of EmpowerWFM will be a great benefit to any company, and you will begin to realize the benefits almost immediately.
    Kevin Holland
    Brookshire’s Grocery Company
  • I have been always impressed with the exceptional customer and technical service from Empower. This was a differentiating factor for us when looking for a time management solution.
    Maryland Retirement Community
  • The Empower Customer Support team is an extremely qualified, knowledgeable, professional and polite group of individuals.
    Randy Rudecki
    Systems Administrator | Molded Fiberglass Companies
  • The biggest plus is that if you're a large employer or a small employer it doesn't make a difference.  You could have 10 FEINs, you could have 50,000 FEINS , you can get them done timely and accurately using EmpowerTax.
    Wayne Brown
    Payroll Tax Director | Hearst Corporation
  • One of the biggest benefits I have found with EmpowerTax is that prior to using it I had to keep track of all the different state and local compliance rules.  With EmpowerTax, I'm so confident, I just need to know the basics and let Empower take care of the rest.
    Wayne Brown
    Payroll Tax Director | Hearst Corporation
  • I think with EmpowerTime it's not just the great solution itself but that it also works with third party software. We've been able to easily import and export data from EmpowerTime to work with our other systems.
    Nicole Conner
    IT Manager | Molded Fiberglass North Carolina
  • When you have the implementation teams come out they are professionals. They treat you like you are the most important person and they want to meet your needs.  I would choose them again and again and again.
    Nettie Nelms
    LA Biomed
Home Depot
American Crane
Addison Group

Our mission is to empower your employees to be passionate about your company and your brand.

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